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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed, industry-supported certification scheme which outlines standards of cyber security appropriate for all organisations across all sectors. A Cyber Essentials certification is already mandatory for a number of Government and private sector contracts, and demonstrates that an organisation takes cyber security seriously.

We offer consulting services to assist organisations in achieving Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

 Our consulting services not only help organisations meet the basic requirements of the Cyber Essentials scheme.

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Cyber Essentials Plus

Having Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates your commitment to cyber security and protecting data. The difference between the two levels of Cyber Essentials is that Cyber Essentials Plus goes one step further and verifies that the following five key controls are in place and working – 

  1. Firewalls are designed to prevent unauthorised access to or from private networks, but a good setup of these devices is essential to be fully effective
  2. Secure configuration
  3. User access control
  4. Malware protection
  5. Patch management

Once an organisation completes Cyber Essentials, the Plus certification is granted if a successful assessment takes place within 3 months.

We offer consulting services to assist organisations in achieving Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus certifications.

Upon successful completion of either stage of the Cyber Essentials scheme, you will receive a certificate and be entitled to display the appropriate Cyber Essentials or Cyber Essentials Plus badge.


Small and Medium Enterprises 

IASME Information Assurance

The IASME Governance enables you to demonstrate your Organization’s overall maturity level for good security and data privacy practices and that you are taking proper steps to protect customer information. The certification covers areas such as: Cyber Security.

IASME Certification can assess organisations against the IASME Governance standard. This standard – which is based on international best practice – utilises a risk-based approach to assess a company’s information security, and includes aspects such as staff awareness, security policies and the technical controls which underpin these.

The IASME Governance certification is seen as a realistic alternative to ISO27001 for many SMEs, and was recently recognised as the best cyber security standard by the UK Government after consultation with industry groups. The Cyber Essentials assessment is included as part of the IASME Governance certification. 


Robust Firewall Protection 

Managed Firewall

It has been estimated that a typical hacker can locate your internet connection in 30 minutes, identify the systems on your network in 60 minutes and compromise these systems in 90 minutes!

Your network’s firewall serves as your first line of defence against external threats. However, perimeter devices such as firewalls, that form this line of defence need to be constantly monitored and updated if they are to be truly effective. A firewall is therefore a critical element in your defence against hackers and denial-of-service attacks.

Our Managed Firewall service provides you with a state-of-the-art firewall appliance monitored 24 hours a day and maintained by our security specialists – all for a simple monthly fee.

Why Our Solution?

One device offering more than just robust Firewall protection, site to site and mobile VPN. This device additionally includes antivirus for the desktops, email filtering, web filtering & anti-spyware.

Firewall technology tends to be complex and, like anti-virus software, needs ongoing maintenance to retain its credibility as defence against threats. That’s why at Working IT Solutions we offer a Managed Firewall in a simple and easy to understand package.

Anti virus 

Endpoint Security

Viruses can be received via websites. I/O devices such as flash pens and are in at least 10% of all emails. Protecting businesses from these issues is becoming more and more crucial for securing your data and giving you the quality of service your business requires.


Mail Sweeping

The prevention of Spam or unsolicited mail is for most users very high on their priority list. Statistics show that unfiltered over 80% of user’s mail arriving into their inbox will be Spam. This can impact the business in many ways, loss of productivity, as users trawl through the mail looking for genuine e-mails. Loss of genuine emails, as they are accidentally deleted in the “can’t see the wood from the trees” scenario. Emails of a rude or crude nature can be sent to users causing unnecessary upset. Plus of course, not forgetting the biggest conduit of viruses is email.


Mobile Security

Secure mobile access is an important component of an enterprise cybersecurity strategy. As mobile devices become a more widely used option for remote working, the data, applications, and systems that they access are at increased risk of compromise by infected devices.

In addition, the mobile phones and tablets may also store information such as our contact list, passwords, emails, texts and so on. Information that needs to be protected from those that seek to access it without our knowing. 

Mobile Device Management

An application is installed on the smartphone, tablet or other mobile device to start mobile device management. This allows an IT staff member or MDM provider to keep track of and regulate activities. An MDM provider may lockdown a device remotely, monitor internet activities, and unlock it using simple mobile device management. These services may also prohibit users from installing particular apps or viewing illegal websites on deployed devices.

Advantages of MDM

MDM solutions have endless benefits. The following are the few primary advantages of mobile device management: 

  1. Remote Management is Simple
  2. Support for Various Device Types
  3. Reduced IT Requirements
    4. Regulatory Compliance Improvements

Network Security Assessment  


With our qualified CSNA (Computer Security Network Assessor), we are able to fully interrogate your systems and make recommendations to plug the gaps in your defences against hackers and malicious users.

Consisting of a physical site visit by a consultant plus an external non-intrusive or an intrusive test, depending on your requirements. These findings are then put into a report, this service allows you to plan which areas most need attention.

In a dynamic environment companies should consider periodic scheduled tests to ensure IT remains in line with the business needs and your investment is protected.

IT security does not stand still as new weaknesses and potential threats are exposed on a daily basis.

All technicians have many years’ experience combined with up to date qualifications in the field.