Managed IT Services

Our popular managed services mean we take care of your IT so you can take care of your business.


Industry Leading, Managed IT Services!

At Working IT Solutions we provide managed IT services you can rely on. That’s why our team of specialists work with a wide range of suppliers to be able to offer the right solution for your business or organisation.

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Virtual IT Manager

Having an on- site, full time dedicated IT manager is in-fact a misnomer. The fact is that an IT manager will require holidays, training and sickness time away from the business. It’s also worth bearing in mind that whilst this person will no doubt be skilled, this is often only in one area.

The Virtual IT Manager Service offers you more but costs less

This service combines a number of standalone services jointly offering; traditional break fix support, automating day to day processes, monitoring the critical components round the clock, providing notification of issues before they have an impact on the business, including the basis of disaster recovery, providing a clear view of all software and all hardware across your estate, covering pre-planned project work and providing historical reporting to allow you to understand and plan the development of IT within your business.

    What we do: Server Support Manchester, Stockton-on-Tees

    Managed Server

    Mainstream branded servers such as Dell and HP have inbuilt tools called Openview and Insight Manager respectively, which allow us to integrate them into our Managed service. Servers are still located on site allowing you control and leveraging your knowledge of the requirements of your business however the management of the servers is outsourced. This service incorporates agent technology which continually check:

    1. The machines heartbeat
    2. Thresholds are set on utilization of hard disc, memory and CPU
    3. Services such as Exchange are monitored
    4. Verification that backup schedules have run are checked
    5. Antivirus definitions are checked
    6. Checks are carried out on the event logger in an attempt to identify creeping death scenarios
    7. Checks for unusual behaviour such as hacker attacks are carried out

    All checks alert on exception, alerts are distributed to our operations centre, plus to the laptops and by SMS to the mobiles for all on call engineers.

    To keep you informed you will receive an e-mail every morning to confirm the checks we have done and their results.

    The benefits that should be provided by such a solution are proactive, round the clock monitoring with on line diagnosis and on line fixes. This can then be complimented with traditional on site break fix support with a guaranteed Response time including all labour and parts required to achieve the fix.

    Managed Firewall

    Robust Firewall Protection 

    Managed Firewall

    It has been estimated that a typical hacker can locate your internet connection in 30 minutes, identify the systems on your network in 60 minutes and compromise these systems in 90 minutes!

    Your network’s firewall serves as your first line of defence against external threats. However, perimeter devices such as firewalls, that form this line of defence need to be constantly monitored and updated if they are to be truly effective. A firewall is therefore a critical element in your defence against hackers and denial-of-service attacks.

    Our Managed Firewall service provides you with a state-of-the-art firewall appliance monitored 24 hours a day and maintained by our security specialists – all for a simple monthly fee.

    Why Our Solution?

    One device offering more than just robust Firewall protection, site to site and mobile VPN. This device additionally includes antivirus for the desktops, email filtering, web filtering & anti-spyware.

    Firewall technology tends to be complex and, like anti-virus software, needs ongoing maintenance to retain its credibility as defence against threats. That’s why at Working IT Solutions we offer a Managed Firewall in a simple and easy to understand package.