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We work with local British suppliers to bring you the best IT hardware, to ensure that your business runs efficiently.


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Hardware support is vital to a business’s IT – For unparallel IT support that ensures the smooth running of your day-to-day business, contact our team. 

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Hardware Supply

Competitively sourced, efficiently delivered hardware and software from all the leading brands. Let us take the pain out of purchasing. Speak to real people rather than automated machines.




Searching for the right workstation can be a daunting prospect, with all the different specifications, sizes, and prices it’s hard to know where to begin. At Working IT Solutions our technical team work closely with suppliers and keep up to date with new products to make sure we can get the best solution for your business at the best price.

So, whether you’re thinking about upgrading your workstation, or adding a new user, contact us today to get a quote.


Servers are complex machines with powerful processors, more memory and large hard drives, these can therefore increase the speed and productivity of your IT systems.

If you have multiple users on your network, then you could benefit from the addition of a server to your IT infrastructure. However, there are many types of servers, at varying price ranges, which can make it difficult when choosing the best server for you.

At Working IT Solutions, we work closely with trusted suppliers to provide the best product at the best price for you, so contact us today to discuss the options available and get a quote.



Perfect for mobile working where you need to take the office with you, a laptop can be an essential tool for your business. However, like workstations, laptops come in many varieties and specifications.

At Working IT Solutions our technical team will be happy to talk you through the many options available, so you get the best laptop for your needs at the best price.


There are a wide range of printers on the market, from Inkjet to LaserJet and Dot Matrix printers, and multi-function printers with scanners and photocopiers built in, to simple print-only devices.

Choosing the right printer can therefore be a stressful and time-consuming task. At Working IT Solutions, our team will work hard to select and supply the right printer for your needs. So contact us today to discuss your options and get a quote.