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At Working IT Solutions we provide connectivity solutions you can rely on.

Connectivity Solutions

Let’s Get Connected!

At Working IT Solutions we provide connectivity solutions you can rely on. That’s why our team of specialists work with a wide range of suppliers to be able to offer the right solution for your business or organisation.

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Internal Network – Cabled Networks


Well-priced, professionally installed solutions. With thirty-plus years of experience, talk to us about your cabling requirements. Don’t let unsightly unsafe cabling ruin the image of your business.

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Give us a call if you…. 

  • Want to use VOIP telephony need Power Over Ethernet
  • Want a quicker network, need to repair or replace your cabling
  • Need fibre site to site connections
Internal Networks Manchester


Wireless Networks

Sometimes known as Wi-Fi or 802.11 networks, they let computers talk to one another using a radio link similar to cordless phones. The problem is that most wireless network equipment, when it comes out of the box, is not protected against the threats below in order to make it easy to set up. This means you have to configure the network yourself to make it secure. The following are some potential threats to a wireless network not being installed correctly:


Listening to the information as it is transmitted over the air. To protect from this information on the network must be encrypted.


Where a wireless network is used to share a broadband internet connection, there is a risk that unauthorized users will use your connection without permission.


Anyone in range can connect to the network. The network must be restricted to known and trusted users and computers.

Our engineers have set up wireless networks in a wide range of locations and understand the importance of security without losing site of performance.


External Network Solutions

Fibre To The Cabinet - FTTC

Superfast Fibre broadband, Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) or VDSL uses fibre to connect the exchange with your local cabinet, and copper wires to connect the cabinet  to your home or business., It is known as a reliable, high quality connection with superfast speeds up to 80 Mbps for downloads and 20 Mbps for uploads. It is mainly used by small and medium businesses, including start-ups looking to expand.

Fibre To The Premises - FTTP

FTTP provides the fastest possible speeds available for a broadband product – using full fibre infrastructure all the way to your premises it offers you ultrafast speeds and a more reliable connection that allows you to run more bandwidth-hungry applications. Choose one of our great-value packages today to start enjoying downstream speeds of up to a massive 1Gb/s and increased upload speeds of up to 115Mb/depending on the availability in your area. Your business will get leading-edge connectivity and faster access to cloud applications.

Leased Line

A leased line is a dedicated data connection with a fixed bandwidth. It enables small, medium, and large businesses to connect to the internet in a secure, reliable, and highly efficient manner, with maximum download capacity, resilience, and uptime, these connections include the following key features –

  • Leased lines are symmetrical so that downloads and upload speeds are equal.
  • These connections are uncontended, so they are not shared with others.
  • In the event of an issue, these solutions include business grade Service Level Agreements offering you priority fix resolution times.

SOGEA broadband

SOGEA stands for Single Order Generic Ethernet Access and provides your business broadband connection, without the need for a traditional PSTN line which forced businesses to have a connection for both a broadband and phone line. Some customers don’t always want a phone line with their broadband, but traditionally they’ve had to install both. With SOGEA, you can have a standalone hybrid fibre broadband line (VDSL or Gfast), without the voice service.